Are they just Numbers?📈

This year, I had a targeted number of souls I wanted to bring to God’s kingdom, which is 180 souls. And glory to God, I’ve almost met my target.

But as I kept winning more and more souls, I started to lose the joy of soul winning. All I could think of was meeting and possibly exceeding my target, that I forgot the real reason I was winning souls in the first place. My first love. 

I remember a certain scenario that happened. I was preaching to a particular guy and he didn’t understand English very well. He didn’t get most of the things I was saying to him. When I asked him if he wanted to give his life to Christ. He didn’t even understand me😂.

But I was hell bent on getting my desired target for that day, that i almost forced him to say the prayer. He didn’t even answer me😂. I forgot it’s not just about getting people to say the prayer. So many people recite it like a poem and forget they ever said anything. 

There must be a deep conviction that will never leave them till Jesus comes. God doesn’t just see them as numbers and we should either.
They’re people, like actual human beings, with questions and dreams and aspirations and worries and fears and anxieties.

They are not just Soul number 37, they’re Abdulsalam or Omobolanle. They’re humans. 

I repented of this and thank God, His mercies are new every morning. Now, my perspective to evangelism is not just in ticking off the numbers from my list. I understand how lost these people are without Jesus and how he’s ever willing to accept them. 

I know how they are dearly loved by God and how He’s continually thinking precious thoughts about them. (Psalm 139:17). I know how knowing Jesus has drastically transformed my life and I know he can do that for them as well. They’re not just numbers to God, and they shouldn’t be to us. 

That’s all from this side. Thank youuu for reading. I leave you all with our great commission, “Go into all the world and openly publish and preach the good news [Gospel] to every living creature(of the human race)”. Mark 15:16(AMP)

Till I write to you next ✍️

Stay Blessed ❤️

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